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I.T.E.P. (4yrs integrated)

Integrating Innovation, Teaching Excellence: Preparing the Next Generation of Educators.



The Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP) is an innovative approach to teacher education designed to blend theory with practical experience seamlessly. This integrated program typically spans four to five years, combining a bachelor's degree in education (B.Ed) with a bachelor's degree in Arts (BA) or Science (B.Sc), depending on the specialization. The ITEP is structured to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in both their chosen subject area and in educational methodologies from the onset of their higher education journey. The primary objective of the ITEP is to produce well-qualified, knowledgeable, and skilled teachers ready to meet the demands of the modern classroom. The curriculum is meticulously crafted to include pedagogical theories, subject-specific knowledge, and extensive practical training through internships and teaching practices in schools. 


Choosing Gitanjali College of Physical Education for pursuing a Master of Physical Education (M.P.Ed) can be a pivotal decision for individuals aiming to deepen their expertise and advance their careers in the field of physical education and sports. While specific attributes of Gitanjali College may not be detailed here, institutions that stand out in providing M.P.Ed programs typically offer a combination of academic rigor, advanced facilities, and a supportive learning environment, all of which are crucial for postgraduate studies.


Choosing the Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP) is a forward-thinking decision for aspiring educators, blending comprehensive subject knowledge with educational theory and practical teaching experience. This integrated approach is designed for those committed to making a significant impact in the field of education from the outset of their careers. It streamlines the pathway to becoming a teacher. Instead of pursuing a separate bachelor’s degree followed by a B.Ed, students embark on a cohesive program from the beginning, saving time and gaining focused expertise. the ITEP offers the advantage of entering the teaching profession with a more robust educational foundation, making graduates highly competitive in the job market.


Opting for our colleges for your Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP) means joining an esteemed organization known for its deep-rooted expertise and comprehensive approach to teacher education. With over a decade of experience and a network of more than six educational institutions, we offer an unparalleled educational journey that combines contemporary curriculum, innovative teaching methodologies, and extensive practical experience. Our seasoned faculty, rich in diverse expertise, ensures a learning experience that is both intellectually stimulating and practically relevant. 

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